Friday, December 31, 2010

What a year! And looking forward!

I ran my first stand alone 5k and my first marathon this year.  I did another sprint triathlon and the Ocean Drive 10 mile race for the second time.  I ran a total of 964.79 miles and I am thrilled with it.  It was really my first year of training for something and only my second full year of running.  I started running in September of 2008. 

I survived another year with my two boys and L survived another year.  That kid will be lucky if he makes it through childhood in one piece!  I will be lucky if I survive his childhood too.  He sure is a tough one. 

John and I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a 4 day trip without the boys.  That was a first for us. 

On to 2011!!!

My goals for this year are and how I plan on achieving each...

  • PR in the Ocean Drive 10 mile the end of March.  Following a half marathon plan, doing intervals, and working on speed.
  • Run another full marathon and PR.  I have a rough time goal in my mind right now but won't set that until the summer.  The marathon will be in November again, either NYC or Philly. 
  • Lose 15 pounds.  I am sticking with WW
  • Plan and prepare healthier meals for the family.  Plan ahead, offer and encourage the boys to try new things, modify recipes to make them healthier.
  • Spend more one on one time with each of my boys.  I would like to spend 15-20 minutes with J after L goes to bed each night.  I already spend longer than that with L in the morning since he wakes up earlier than J.  I also plan on turning the tv off!
  • Take care of myself and feel "put together" on a daily basis.  I have already taken steps to work on this one!  I bought a few new shirts, had a makeup lesson last night and bought all new makeup, and just taking the time for ME!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts and prayers for a fellow runner

I logged on this morning and saw some blog posts about a runner who was hit by a car on Tuesday.  Here is a blog post with some details BLOG.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now What?

I have been asking myself this for the past month.  What do I want to do now?  What do I want to accomplish in 2011?  What changes do I want to make? 

To start with, I want to lose the 5 pounds I seem to have found since the marathon and then another 15! 

Last year I wrote a list of 8 things I wanted to do in 2010.  My list is at home but I believe I did 7 of those things.  The final item of an Olympic Triathlon will make it on my 2011 list!  I plan on thinking about this list over the next few days and posting it by the end of the weekend. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some family pictures!

We had family pictures done 10 days ago and I am in love!!  I posted quite a few and I could have kept posting!!  I love my three boys!  The pictures were done by the fabulous Kat at  If you are in the Philadelphia area, make sure you check her out!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I was tagged!

I was tagged last week and have a few minutes to answer a few questions.  I was tagged by

1. What are you most excited about for the coming new year? What resolutions will you make and do you think you'll stick to 'em?

On the race front, I am excited about doing the Ocean Drive 10 mile run again in March.  It was my first race 2 years ago and this will be my first year that I really have a time goal in my head.  I feel like I have something to prove to MYSELF this year!  I am also excited to train for my second marathon.  It will be either NYC or Philly in November.

On the non race front, I am excited to continue to experience life with my husband and boys!  As the boys get older, we can start to do so many things with them.

I don't really have resolutions.  Last year I made a list of 5 or 6 things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year.  I plan on making another list the beginning of the year.  The things on my list won't be things I want to change.  Instead they are things I can cross off as I do them!

2. When you go into a coffee shop, what do you order? (not necessarily coffee)
  HAHA!!!  I am too cheap to buy coffee drinks at a coffee shop!  I usually make my coffee at home or work.  If I am somewhere, I like iced lattes!
3. What was the first blog you followed? Do you still? And what is your favorite blog to read? 
The first blog I followed was my friend Amy.  Unfortunately she does not post much anymore!  My favorite blog would probably be Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!!

4. Do you speak/read any other languages?
Nope, wish I did though.

5. This spin off of FB: If you and your mom/dad ended up in jail together and you could only say 4 words, what would they be?  Sure I wasn't adopted?

6. What was your favorite show growing up? Can you sign the theme song? (I don't think Fresh Prince should count on this one.... everyone can sing that theme song)  Not really growing up because it started when I was 18 but it would have to be 7th Heaven!  And no way I could sing the theme song off the top of my head. 
7. What is your most memorable race moment?
Philly Marathon!  Just crossing the finish line.  I worked so hard for that moment.  Everything I did fitness and training wise this past year was to cross that finish line.
8. What's the coldest you've ever run in and what did you wear?
I am a big baby when it comes to running in the cold.  I just won't do it.  I will never sign up for a marathon in January regardless of where it is.  I just can't imagine 20 mile runs in NJ in December.  The coldest was probably Philly marathon where it was high 30's at the start.  I knew it would warm up quickly so I wore capris, a short sleeve shirt, and arm warmers.  The arm warmers were gone by mile 4!

And now I get to tag a few people and ask them some questions!!

I tag Julie, Abbi, Sherry, Amy, and Erika!

1.  Do you have a favorite race you do every year?  Where and why?
2.  What is your biggest accomplishment of 2010?
3.  What is your favorite breakfast?
4.  What is your favorite holiday memory (can be any holiday)?
5.  If you could live anywhere to train, where would it be?
6.  Any plans for New Years Eve?  I will be home alone with two kids so I hope someone has some good plans!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Is it Friday yet?  This week has been so slow and I cannot wait for the weekend.  Of course some of our weekend plans will probably be ruined due to weather but that is ok.  I am hoping to get our tree this weekend and my sister is coming over on Saturday to bake cookies!

2.  I am totally not feeling the new Weight Watchers plan but I am trying to give it a chance.  I gained 2 pounds last week so I am feeling kinda negative about the plan.  This week I am doing a modified new and old plan.  We will see what the scale says on Monday.

3.  I took a few measurements the day after the marathon to start to gauge improvement that way.  I am going to take the same measurements after 30 days and see what is going on!  I am hoping to tone up over the winter!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I feel like me again!

Have you ever just nailed a run?  Have you ever feel 100 times better after a run?  Have you ever felt whole again after a run?

That is how I felt last night.  Because of sick kids, I missed my morning run yesterday.  My husband was leaving for work at the time I try to hit the treadmill and J was tossing, turning, and crying.  I knew I would be 1/2 mile into my run and he would be screaming for me and wake up his little brother.  I made the decision to skip the morning run and move it to an evening run.  I now hate and dread running at night but I knew I had to do it last night.  Boy was I glad I ran!

It was not a long run.  It was not even intervals.  It was 4 miles at a steady pace followed by 4 20 second sprints.  For the first time since the marathon, I felt like me again after that run! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Running Makes Me Crazy

This is a proven fact!  Since the marathon this is what I have done...

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - arms and shoulders
Wednesday - Trainer ride
Thursday - 3.3 mile run
Friday - 30 minute Trainer ride and Chest/Back
Saturday - rest
Sunday - run intervals
Monday - Rest (was sick on Sunday)
Tuesday - Run 4.07 miles
Wednesday - 25 minute trainer ride and Arms/Shoulders

This is not enough running to keep me sane!  I have been a mad woman for the past 24 hours.  I will admit it.  I just told my husband I need to get back to running more and he did not disagree with me.  Clearly I am mad!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks to some Fabulous People

So many people helped me on my journey to 26.2.  These are in no particular order.

My mentor groups on  Love these guys as much as you can love people on the Internet you have never met in real life!  I was a part of two mentor groups this year and they both helped me get to where I am today.  Huge thanks to Sandra and Tim who have been encouraging me since middle of December of last year!  Thanks to Tim, Pete, Debbie, and Erica, the rest of Tim's group!  You guys are all wonderful people and I have enjoyed training with you guys the past few months.  I hope to keep up with you guys once we move on!  I loved having you guys check up on my logs and hope you will all continue our journeys together!  The people in both groups gave me advice, encouraged me, "inspired" me, and believed in me!

My ninjas...where would I be without that fabulous group of ladies!  I always refer to you guys as "my mom's group" but in reality you are all so much more than that!  You guys were there for me every step of this journey from the day I said I wanted to do a full marathon.  You all always believed in me.  When I started to doubt myself, you would not let me!  I hope all of our kids graduate high school, go to college, get married, and have babies together!  Well, maybe not together but I hope we experience the rest life has to offer together! helped me through a dark time and never gave up on me.  Thanks for being there to support me in the middle of that dreadful hill!  You should have been further up the hill.  The frat guys were still up drinking from the night before!  They were offering beer to all the runners.  You are a wonderful person, mama, and friend.  Thanks for everything BFF!!

Karin...Thanks for doing this journey with me.  Shame mine is over and you still have a bit of time!  You can do this and you will!!  I wish I could be there at the finish line with you.  Thanks for being there Sunday for me!

Colleen and Jacqui...thanks for trying to be out there on Sunday.  You guys trying to get there and wanting to be there for me means more than I can put into words.  You guys have also "seen" me during some dark days and you have supported me too.

Robyn...Also thanks for trying to get out to see me.  Hope the kiddos are feeling better!  Thanks for all the support and advice you gave me!

Ted...I firmly believe if you had not helped me out in January with orthotics I would not have run a marathon on Sunday!  I know you laughed at my feet but you never told me I could not run a marathon.  I actually remember your email response when I told you I wanted to come see you for orthotics.  You told me to make an appointment and you wanted me to run a marathon.  I never thought it would be this soon!  I know some other professionals would have told me I should not be running but you never told me that.  I am sure I was a pain in your butt over the past few months.  Thanks for feeding into my anxiety at times too.

Chris...I miss you so much!  I am ready to train with you anytime you are ready to!!  Like I said on facebook, thanks for making me run 2 years ago.  I told you I would never tell you no.  Who would have thought I would finish a marathon!  I am serious!  I want to train with you again!

Brian W...You encouraged me to do a triathlon last year.  Actually, you tried to get me to do a 5k 2 years ago and I said you were out of your mind!  How funny is that!!  I am sure I was a pain in your butt too but you have always encouraged me and answered my questions.  Hope we can do another triathlon together next year!

Paul...Thanks for giving me tons of tips and things to think about when we were visiting.  That talk alone got me through my 17 miler run after my sucky 16.  Can't wait to hear about Boston!!

Mullica Hill Women's Triathlon Club...Thanks to the lovely 4 ladies who got me over the wall around mile 20!  I am so glad you guys were there.  I was trying so hard to keep running and knowing you guys were somewhere there kept me moving.  I just could not let you guys see me walking!!  I hope to train with this group of ladies for some triathlons next year. 

Distance Dreamers and other bloggers...I am so glad I found you guys when I first started blogging.  It has been great to read about your running journeys.  I have learned quite a bit from reading your blogs.  I am inspired by quite a few of you!
Random spectators...I could go on and on about the people along the course on Sunday.  I wanted to marry the guy at the water stop somewhere in Manayunk who had a box of brownies.  I think that was the best thing I have ever eaten!  I saw him on my way back of an out and back loop but I did not have the energy to run to the other side of the road.  There was a guy right past mile 13 who yelled "Run Meggan, you got this baby."  I think he got me through the next mile.  I also appreciated the man somewhere between miles 24 and 25.  He told me I only had to run about 3/4 of a mile and then there were plenty of people to get me to the finish.  Just so much energy and support on the course!

My family (both of our families!)...Thanks for coming out in the cold Sunday morning and running all over the city to catch me at different times.  Thanks for helping me out with the boys so I can do these races or train.  Thanks for coming to my first race in 2009.  I know you guys all thought I was crazy when I changed my registration from the 5k to the 10 mile!  I love that you have a plan for spectating the Philly marathon if I do it again next year!  Your support means the world to me.

My aunt and uncle...thanks for watching the boys the day of the marathon and for my 2 longest runs!  I know my boys are tough so thanks for all your help.  They love you both so much and so do I!

All of our friends...All of the emails, texts, phone calls, and facebook messages have helped me so much.  It is nice to know that so many people believe in me!

My boys...I love getting L out of his crib in the morning.  The first thing he says to me now is "mommy run?"  I hope to get a runner out of one of my boys!  I feel like I am setting a great example for them. 

And John...I do not know where to even begin.  I can only wonder what went through his mind earlier this year when I seriously started talking about the Philly marathon.  If he had any doubts or reservations about it, he never once voiced them.  I made a promise to myself that training for the marathon would not take away from too much family time.  Most of my training took place at 5am on the treadmill to honor that promise.  When I felt beat down, you were there for me.  When I was convinced I could not do it, you told me I could.  Thanks for realizing that running makes me a happier mama!  I guess training was not that bad since you have already asked me when my next one would be.  Thanks for supporting me, encouraging me, believing in me, and loving me.  Love you so much babe!!

Philadelphia Marathon Race Report

Where do I even start?!  I took off of work on Friday to head to the expo and I am glad I did.  I hear it was mobbed on Saturday.  My sister went over with me and joked that she was shopping at a running expo and she hates running!  I saw tons of stuff I could have bought but I contained myself.  As for Philly marathon merchandise, I bought my boys "Future Runner" shirts and myself a mug.  I really did not want to spend the money on a shirt or something to wear until I ran the marathon.  I knew if I did not finish it for some reason, I would never wear the clothing I purchased. 

Yes, I was a dork and brought my camera to the expo!

My awesome brother and sister in law sent me flowers on Friday from my niece and nephew!  Made me cry!

Race Day

We were up at 4:30ish and left the house around 5.  We did not have to leave as early as we did but we were able to park in a close garage.  If I do this race again next year, we will still leave that early.  I was told just 30 minutes later and the roads were backed up and parking garages were already closed.  John and I just hung around the art museum area.  I had a banana and some peanut butter and ate that around 6. 

He left me around 6:15 to head back to the car to get his bike.  I chatted with some other runners and then made my way to my corral.  They were very prompt in starting the race.  I crossed the start line right about 7:25. 

I was surprised when I saw John right at the start.  Here is a quick wave at the start!

I saw my father in law right around mile 1.  John said he got to his dad right after I passed him.  I was feeling really good!  My pace per mile for the first 9 miles was anywhere from 10:38 to 11:21.  There was a decent hill at miles 9/10 that slowed my pace down but mile 10 was still 11:40.  Right after the hill peaked I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "Running for my wife."  I had a feeling I knew of this guy so I took my chances and asked if he worked at TD Bank.  Sure enough I was right, it was Bill!  He works with my sister in law and he lost his wife this past summer.  He ran the half and we chatted as we ran the next few miles together.  It was a good distraction after that hill!  Let me back up a few miles!  I saw Amy, my BFF (I always cringe at that!) around mile 7.  I was told she might be there but I was not supposed to know that.  She was in the middle of a hill on the Drexel campus.  She told me her husband lived on campus and she knew that was a tough hill.  She said she knew that was where she needed to be.  I stopped for a second to give her a hug and tell her I love her.  She smacked my butt and yelled "get up that hill Chach!"  It is amazing I was able to get up that hill after seeing her!  I was hyperventilating thanks to my emotions.  Shortly after that I saw my parents, my sister, and my father in law.  I think I saw John before seeing them again.  I am really not sure, everything is running together right now!

Here are a few more pictures John was able to snap!

The energy level was amazing!

I think this was around mile 6/7
So back to mile 13.  I was still running with Bill and trying to get him to run the full with me!  I had no luck and had to say goodbye to him at the split!

I was dreading this sign something fierce!  I was so tempted to head to the finish line but felt such a sense of pride to go to the left and continue on to Mile 14!

Right past this sign I saw my awesome family again!!

There was not much smiling after this!

This was right after I ran past my family.  A guy yelled "Run Meggan, you got this baby!"  I think I ran a mile just on that!

In a way, it was all downhill after mile 13!  The rest of the marathon course takes the runners out to Manayunk.  It is a very lonely run!  Because of road closures, it is very difficult for spectators to get out here.  I really had to dig deep to keep moving a few times.  I ran the first half with a desperate need to go to the bathroom.  I did not stop because the lines at all the water stops were crazy long.  I knew the course would thin out after the halfway point so I waited.  This killed me!  I stopped at mile 16 and lost 6 minutes according to my Garmin.  I was ok with that.  My problem was getting my legs moving again.  I just could not get my pace back to what it was.  Miles 17-26 were in the 12 and 13 minutes. 

Like I said in my previous post, I did run the whole marathon!  I walked a few water stops and walked 2 or 3 times to untwist the lid on my water bottle.  Other than that, I ran!  I actually felt as though the little walking I did to drink hurt more than the running did. 

Mile 17...Hello wall!  It was terrible.  My mind just started to wander.  This is where a running buddy would have been very nice.  I had myself convinced I am a terrible mother and I was doing everything wrong with my boys.  It was a very dark few miles!  Somewhere around mile 19, I saw a team member from my Tri club.  I have actually know this woman since I was 8 years old.  She ran past me in the other direction and told me that I was about 1/2 mile from the tri club ladies that came out to support us.  Just seeing Lisa on the course helped me but seeing those 4 women got me over that wall!  And then I was in Manayunk.  The spectators were crazy there, very high energy!  Unfortunately I could not finish the marathon in Manayunk.  I had to run the 6 miles back to the finish line.  I saw the lovely ladies one last time and then the course got very lonely again.  Don't get me wrong, there were runners around me but no one was chatty. 

I got to the point where I could not even talk to the spectators or volunteers.  Our first names were on the bib numbers and that was incredible!  It was so nice to hear people cheer specifically for ME!  The last five miles all I could do was raise my arm some to wave to show my appreciation.  I remember a man standing between markers 24 and 25.  He told me that I just had to run 3/4 of a mile and then there were plenty of spectators to get me to the finish!  I think that is what got me to the finish line. 

About 1/4 mile from the end I saw my friend Karin.  She told me she would throw stuff at me if I started walking!  It was so nice to see a friend that close to the end.  I wish I could be at her first marathon but I don't think a trip to Disney in January is in my future. 

And the next thing I knew, I was at the finish line!!

I am happy with my first marathon.  I did not have a real time goal in mind.  I would have loved to finish in under 5 hours but I knew that was very ambitious.  I am happy with my time.  I am happy I ran the whole thing.  I am happy I can now say I ran a marathon. 

Will there be a second?  Of course!  I cannot wait to train and run a second marathon.  I have said all along that I did not think this would be my only marathon.  I definitely have some work to do before I run my second one.  I do know it will be in 2011 but most likely another fall marathon. 

My mind is still all over the place regarding yesterday.  I have a few more blog posts in mind and will get to them over the next few days.

A big thank you to everyone who believed in me!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I ran a freaking MARATHON!!!

And I am too tired to even think about it!  I have so many thoughts going through my head right now but I can't keep my eyes open.

I did run the whole thing, well just about the whole thing.  I walked a few of the water stops.  I just can't seem to drink out of a cup while running!  I walked 2 or 3 times to untwist the lid off of my fuel belt water bottle too.  Other than that, I RAN a marathon.

Sure, some people would say I jogged a marathon but for me, I ran it!!

The course was long but here are my stats according to my Garmin.


Friday, November 19, 2010

So antsy today

I cannot sit still!  I took the day off of work and hung out with the boys this morning.  We hung around the house, went to Barnes and Noble and then met my mom and sister for lunch.  My mom took the boys and my sister went to the expo with me.  I did not want to go crazy buying Philly marathon stuff because I am afraid to throw the horns on my marathon!  My sis bought me something for Christmas and I bought "Future Runner" tees for my boys.  I talked to the Clif Pace Runner group and I am hoping to be able to run with the 5:00 group on Sunday.

I have not been able to just sit and relax since I got home.  I had a very nice delivered to wish me luck from my niece and nephew.  Of course they are 4 and 1 so it was more my brother and sister in law.  Needless to say, I started to cry.  My emotions have been all over the place this week.  I feel like I am pregnant or something and I know that is NOT the case!!

I am hoping for a good night sleep tonight and a great first karate tournament in the morning for J!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I can't even think straight long enough to post this because all I can think about is my marathon in 3 days!!!
2.  Still trying to figure out what I am wearing for it.  Weather is now sunny and 50ish.  I have heard 49 and 51 so let's split the difference!
3.  I have so many emotions and thoughts right now.  I am trying to get it all on paper but I just can't!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taper sucks

There, I said it!  I hate everything about this week.  I am exhausted.  I am miserable.  I have no patience for my kids.  My weight is up a good 3 pounds.  I have never trained for a race like I have this marathon so this is my first time dealing with a true taper period.  I am not a big drinker and don't typically drink when I am training but I may have to have a glass of wine every night this week!

I am down to 5 days!  I have three more runs left before the marathon.  I have less than 10 miles to run.  The rest of this week should fly!  J has his first karate tournament Saturday morning and is allowed to go to class three nights this week to prepare.  We had a family dinner last night so the three nights are tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday.  I am leaving work early today to take him.  I am actually leaving my office at noon today and will not be back in.  I have to go to a client's office and then run some errands before I pick J up for class at 4:30.  I took a vacation day on Friday to head over to the city for the expo.  My mom will take the boys for a few hours so I can go over kid free!  I am looking forward to browsing at the expo.

I signed up for a pace group for the marathon.  I am not stuck on a time goal but I would like to break five hours (yes, I am a slow runner!) so I signed up for the 5 hour pace group.  I am not going to kill myself if I can't keep up though!  My main goal is to run the whole thing!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Running in the dark

I need to start and get over my fear!  Winning this great giveaway would help me out!!
Great giveaway!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weather Stalking!

I am 9 days from the marathon and I can officially start stalking the 10 day forecast!  Sunny, 55, and 10% chance of precipitation.  I know anything can happen but that is PERFECT weather for a 26.2 mile run! 

Now I can seriously start to figure out my outfit for the race.  I have been raising money for the Susan Komen Foundation.  I am waiting to get the shirt in the mail and then will try it out.  If that works for a few quick runs and I am confident with that shirt, that will be the one!  I am also thinking my running capris will be good for that temp.  It will be chilly before the race starts but I will warm up right away!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trusting my training

Or at least I keep telling myself that!  I registered for the Philly marathon on April 1st, the day registration opened.  I started to seriously consider it in January, February I was about 60% sure I was going to do it, and by the end of March I was about 95% sure.  Everything I have done fitness related this year has been for and because of the Philly Marathon!  I did not focus much time and energy on triathlons like I originally planned.  My main goal and focus for the year was 26.2!

I followed the training plan.  I made modifications as I had to but I ran the miles.  I need to trust my training over the next 10 days!  I just wish it were easy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And the taper begins!

I just finished a 10.2 mile run this evening.  Running at night is no fun but I had to do it today.  I can't believe I always worked out at night up until a few months ago!


12 days until my marathon
25 more training miles
7 more runs
and hopefully lots of rest!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back from vacation!

John and I got back from New Orleans last night!  We had a fabulous time but missed the boys like crazy.  I ran two of the days we were there on the hotel's sucky treadmill.  We walked all over the place, ate some good food, had a few drinks, and enjoyed each other.  We even saw Ellis Marsalis perform Friday night.  I had no idea he is one of the top jazz performers until my father texted me how jealous he was about 10 minutes before the show.

Philly marathon is in 2 weeks and was in the back of my mind the entire time we were in NOLA!  I need to sit down today and check out the plan for the week ahead of me.  I am also running 8 today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My lucky number?

#12051 will be my bib number for my first marathon!!!

20 miles and 20 days left

My first marathon is 20 days from now.  I still can't believe it is coming up so quickly. 

I ran 20 miles yesterday and felt great!  It got a little sucky around mile 20 but I told myself to HTFU and I pushed my way through it.  Once I hit 15 miles, the last 5 miles flew!  I ran the whole 20 miles other than 2 quick 15 second walk breaks for a decent drink of water.  I went through 16 ounces of water, 16 ounces of Gatorade, and 3 gels.  I tried the Roctane gels at the suggestion of Julie from Hot Legs Runner and liked them.  I did not think I would like the flavor but it was not bad.  I think I will be hitting up the running store before the marathon. 

After my run I drank chocolate milk but could not even think about food.  The thought of food made me sick to my stomach.  I made sure I stayed hydrated and I still don't want food today. 

I am confident that I can physically run 26.2 miles!  Now it is all mental. 

I am going to head to the basement to run an easy few on the treadmill today.  I took a rest day a few weeks ago after I ran 17 and I think it slowed down my recovery.  I am the kind of runner than needs to run a few easy miles the day after a long run to loosen up my legs.  I may run/walk a few miles but I feel as though I need to do it.  Tomorrow afternoon I am heading to a friend's chiropractor office for a nice massage and I cannot wait!!

I am hoping for a good run in the morning and then again Wednesday morning.  John and I head on vacation Wednesday morning for a few days but I plan on running at least one day! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  We have lots of stuff going on in the next week...
  • 20 mile run on Sunday
  • Halloween (John's favorite holiday!)
  • A week off of work!
  • John's birthday on Monday
  • My first attempt at homemade raviolis for his birthday dinner
  • A lovely massage on Tuesday
  • And then 4 fabulous kid free days!!!  We leave for New Orleans bright and early Wednesday morning!!!
2.  We scheduled family pictures for the first week in December.  I am crazy, I will admit that!  We are planning the whole photo shoot around a sweater I found for J!  Isn't this perfect for a 4 year old to wear for family pictures?!?!  (He will turn 4 the day after we do them!!)

I joke around that my husband is a closet rocker.  His wardrobe consists mainly of rock t shirts and I think he secretly dreams of being in a band!  I am working on what the rest of us will wear.  J will most likely wear jeans with the sweater.  I might look for a pair of gray cargo pants that he will wear again.  This boy hates jeans!  I am going to put L in jeans and hopefully a shirt from the same line of clothes that coordinates with the sweater.  I (ok, my amazing aunt!) was able to pick up a coordinating scarf for the sweater so L will be sporting that!  Now I just need to figure out my rocker husband's outfit!  I think I will just wear jeans and a red sweater.  My sister thinks me in red will look silly!  I am open to suggestions!

3.  I cannot wait for the holidays this year!  J will be 4 and Logan 2 1/2 and will be so much fun!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great giveaway


I purchased a necklace and charm from Jessica at Jessica's Gifts for a friend and she loves it!  She is running Disney as her first marathon in January.  Jessica took this charm and custom did Mickey ears on the top charm.  I cannot wait to order one for my first marathon!!  Go check out this giveaway!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What marathon training has done to me...

John's favorite holiday is Halloween.  We have body parts all over our yard, a skeleton hanging from the trees, tombstones, etc...  He was taking pictures tonight and this is what happened!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a great week!

Monday - 6.26 miles in the early AM
Tuesday - 7.4 in the evening after L went to bed
Wednesday - Core work
Thursday - 3.62 in the early AM.  I was shooting for 6 and I don't remember why it was cut short
Friday - 15 in the morning (John and I both home in the morning.  I was off and he worked late)
Saturday. - 7.82 miles at naptime

Total miles for the week - 40.1!!!

I am thrilled with this week after my low miles last week!!  I am shooting for 43-44 next week with a long run of 20 on Halloween.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The good and bad of being a running mama!

When I decided to train for a marathon I made a commitment for it not to interfere with family life too much.  I have two little boys and I work full time so my time with them is already limited.  I ran 15 miles this morning and I thought about how running has affected me as a mommy.  Here it goes...

1.  The majority of my runs are at 4:45 in the morning on my treadmill.
2.  I go to bed by 9 most nights because my alarm is set for 4:30 so I can get that run in before the boys wake up!
3.  I get extra snuggle time with J in the evenings because we both go to bed at the same time.  We have struggled with him for the past year with sleeping in his bed.  Because I am running in the morning, I have chosen to fight the battle of sleeping in his bed after my marathon. 
4.  Sometimes I have the pleasure of watching Wow Wow Wubbzy, Spongebob, or other various kid shows during my runs.
5.  When L is in the basement while I am running, he can't wait to get on the treadmill and run when I am done.  His running involved the treadmill at the slowest setting of .5 mph and holding my hand.  He is only 2 after all!
6.  The joy I have because I know I am setting a great example for my children.
7.  L asks me every morning when I get him out of his crib "Mommy, run?"  It brings a smile to my face every morning.
8.  The fun of moving planned runs in my week numerous times because the kids wake up early.
9.  The hope that one day J or L will ask to run with me!
10.  Running makes me a much much happier mommy!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back in the Game

After a low miles last week, I nailed my first two runs of this week!  I ran 6.26 Monday morning and 7.4 last night.  Can't wait to see what I have in me for the rest of my runs!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabulous muffins!

I stumbled across this recipe somewhere!

Healthy Pumpkin Banana Muffins

1 3/4 cups whole wheat flour
1/3 cup old fashioned oats
1/4 cup wheat bran
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 ripe bananas mashed
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
3/4 cup and 2 Tbsp pumpkin puree
2 eggs
3/4 cup walnut pieces

Preheat oven to 350 and line a muffin tin with liners or grease

Mix flour, oats, baking powder, baking soda, salt and spices together in a large bowl.

In a medium bowl combine sugars, bananas, applesauce, pumpkin, and eggs.  Mix the wet and try ingredients until just combined.  Fold in walnuts

Fill muffin cups 3/4 full.  Bake for 20-25 minutes

This recipe yielded 21 muffins.

I think these are the best muffins I have made in awhile.  John asked me what I was making and he told me I lost him at the "healthy."  I read off the first three ingredients and he asked me if I was going to make him try one!!  L liked them.  I came down from putting L to bed and there was a whole the size of an almost 4 year old's finger in one of the muffins!  Needless to say, J was not a fan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time sure does fly!

How was I 235 days from the marathon on April 1st when I registered and I am only 34 days from it now.  Up until last week I kept saying "oh the marathon is still ___ weeks away."  And now all of a sudden it is "It is only 5 weeks away!!" 

Like I said in my previous post, last week was not a good running week.  I can now say I finished out the entire week with a bad running week.  I think my 13 mile long run over the weekend was only about 7 1/2 because of dear little L who did not want to sleep past 5am or nap this weekend!

I am still feeling pretty good about last week.  I am confident I am going into my 3 toughest weeks before taper pretty rested and strong. 

I ran a strong 6.26 this morning.  I still don't have the rest of the week figured out completely.  Because of last week, I think I am just going to set the alarm every morning for 4:30 and run what I can.  My plan is a total of 20 miles going into the weekend and then 18 on Sunday.  Saturday is a planned rest day.  The other rest day depends on the boys.  If I get four weekday runs in by Friday morning, I am sleeping in! 

I am still trying to figure out nutrition for the marathon.  The stops will have water and Gatorade and a few will have GU.  I am good with all three but I am not sure about how much and how often.  I don't feel as though I was properly fueled for my 17 miles last weekend.  My time to figure that out is running out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Not a good running week for me

And I am surprisingly ok with it!  This is a stepback week for me on my plan and it was good timing.  The total weekly miles was supposed to be 32 which I thought was a little high for a stepback week considering my mileage for last week.  I was aiming for 28 for the week.  That is not going to happen!!  I will be lucky if I hit 22.  I took a rest day on Monday, ran 3.13 on Tuesday, and 5 1/2 on Wednesday.  My plan was to hit the treadmill last night after L went to bed and that was tossed out the window when John's friend came over.  They hit the basement for a movie so no treadmill run for me.  I rearranged and thought I would run this morning and do my 13 mile long run sometime over the weekend.  No run for me this morning.  J has other plans.  John is already at work and I don't mind leaving both boys sleeping upstairs for me to run in the basement but J was sobbing and did not want to be left alone.  He was sound asleep, I would make a move to get out of bed, and he would start crying again.  My kids will always come first!!

Not sure of our plans for the weekend yet.  I may still be able to get two runs in.  I should be able to get two in but I am not going to get my hopes up considering the way the week has been.  I will get my 13 miles in.  And who knows maybe I will tack on an extra mile or two if I can't get that second mile in.

This kind of week came at a good time.  I think my body was screaming for a bit of a rest anyway.  This week forced me to take it.  My Achilles has definitely been a little off so a good rest week might just have been necessary!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I have been on Weight Watchers for a little more than 6 weeks.  I have lost 11.2 pounds so far.  According to my scale at home, I am finally at my original pre-pregnancy weight.  It only took me almost 4 years!!

2.  I bought two new pairs of jeans today...size 12!  I cannot tell you the last time I wore that size.  On to size 10!

3.  Five weeks from Sunday is my big marathon!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A fabulous 17 mile run!!

After my sucky 16 mile run last week, my 17 mile run scheduled for today was all I could think about!  My anxiety level was crazy high this past week about the marathon in general.  I questioned why I was doing it, if I could do it, and if I should switch to the half marathon.  After my run today, I am good to go!  I know I can do this.

I knew I had to have a route planned out for the run this morning.  I mapped a few out over the past week and did not like any of them.  An hour before my run I figured out a great route.  There are a few ways I drive to my parent's house.  The first 6 miles of my run was one of the routes there, then I made a right, ran 2 miles, and then picked up another way back to my house.  The course I mapped out on was 17.02 miles.  I figured it was a good route because I did not have to remember my turns or wing my run.  The plan worked well!

I was on the fence about what to wear today for the run.  I think it was about 55 degrees when I started out and I knew it would end up being about 65 when I finished.  I settled on my capris and a short sleeved shirt with arm warmers.  I was surprised and wore the arm warmers for the first 10 miles.  I wanted to make sure I liked them because I think I will wear them for the marathon.  I don't have a jacket or long sleeve shirt I would want to toss to the side and I hate running with a shirt tied around my waist.  As of right now, I have the outfit planned for the marathon. 
I started at a slower pace than I normally start my long runs.  I think this is going to be key for me and I plan on doing this for the rest of my long runs.  I had in mind what pace I wanted to run the marathon but I think I need to slow it down.  I am okay with that.  On my previous long runs I was doing run/walk intervals.  I had myself convinced I could not actually run the whole marathon.  I am still not sure I can but let me tell you, I ran that whole 17 miles!!  I did walk a few steps for one of my gatorade drinks though.  For some reason, I can't get a good flow out of my bottle.  I was ok for most of the run but that one time I felt like I needed a good drink.  I walked a few feet, untwisted the lid, drank right from the bottle, and started running again.

I don't run with headphones on so I am very aware of what is going on around me.  I was right under 7 miles and I noticed a car pull off to the opposite side of the road from me.  I looked back over my shoulder, saw the driver wave, and I quickly waved back.  I kept running though but then I heard the woman get out of the car and yell to me.  I hesitated but looked back again.  I think the woman could see my hesitation and she yelled "I know you from the Y."  I knew right away who she was and I stopped.  She is a woman I used to see frequently when I worked out at the Y.  I still have the membership but use it more for the pool now that I am marathon training.  We chatted for a few minutes and I learned that she has run the Philly marathon 4 times and this year she wanted to do something different.  She is leaving for Beijing later this month and running a marathon there.  Pretty incredible!  She wrote down my email address and phone number.  Looks like I might have an occasional running buddy.  She runs a little faster than me but told me she has no problem running my pace for some runs.  She offered me water or a bathroom stop (she lives where she pulled over) but I declined and was back on my way! 

I did have to stop at a Dunkin Donuts around mile 11 to get some more Gatorade.  The hardest part of the run was when I was back in town.  At mile 15 I was going straight at a light but it was so tempting to turn right and run the half mile to my house.  I kept going! 

I am happy to say my anxiety level regarding my marathon in SIX weeks had decreased!!  I don't have a time goal in my mind anymore.  My new goal is to say I RAN my first marathon instead of completing my first.

Total miles...17.04
Time...3 hours 25 minutes and 51 seconds
Pace...12 minutes and 5 seconds

Long run nerves

I am doing 17 miles this morning.  I will be heading out anytime soon.  I am just waiting for my aunt and uncle to get here to stay with the boys.  I love them!!!  I think I may vomit.  The thought of 17 miles is making my stomach sick.  Aunt and uncle just got here.  Well, here I go!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I am so glad the week is almost over.  It has not been a bad week, just a busy annoying week!

2.  I am so proud of J.  He tested for his orange belt Wednesday night.  He is going to be so disappointed in two belts when he is no longer orange.  How do you explain to an almost 4 year old that he can't stay with his favorite color forever!

3.  My anxiety level has been crazy high this week.  I am hoping I feel better after my 17 mile run this weekend.  I need a good comeback after that 16!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Weekend!

The weekend was great but such a whirlwind!  We left our house at 8:15 Friday morning and drove the 20 minutes to the inlaws.  We left their house at 9 and arrived at the hotel the burbs of Boston at 3:45.  My boys did fabulous on the car ride.  I am still in shock.  It rained the entire drive up so it made for an interesting day.  Oh and I did all of the driving.  We checked in at the hotel and went right to John's aunt and uncle's house.  All of the cousins and their families were there so it was a great night.

John and I did not get much sleep Friday night because L partied like a rockstar until close to midnight at the hotel.  Our room had 2 queen beds so John had J in bed and I had L.  L was all over the bed and I constantly checked to make sure he was not going to fall off the bed.  J, on the other hand, did fall off the bed in the middle of the night. 

We were off to Boston early Saturday morning for the first annual Boston Brain Tumor Walk.  It was great to be able to participate and support our family!  The walk was followed by more family time.  We were on our way home Sunday.

This weekend could not have come at a better time for me.  One of the cousin's husbands is a marathon runner.  Being able to talk in person with someone after my sucky 16 miler really helped.  Paul gave me tons of tips and things to think about.  I am looking forward to my 17 on Sunday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

16 Done and in the books!

I really have nothing positive to say about the 16 miles I ran yesterday other than it is done.  Because of family life and obligations, I was stuck on the treadmill for this run.  I have confessed before that I don't mind the treadmill but who wants to be on it for 16 miles!!  We are heading out of town tomorrow for the weekend and there just was not enough daylight hours during the week to get 16 in.  I knew I could not use that as an excuse to run it.  At mile 9 I texted a friend telling him I was at mile 9 of 16 and I wanted to quit.  Here was the few texts we exchanged...

Me:  Please tell me I can do this.  I am stuck on the treadmill for my long run this week.  Not ideal but family gets in the way this week.  I am 9 into 16 and I just want to quit. 

Him: Aaaaaahhhhhhh - right now is when you decide if you want to quit more than you want to finish!  We both know the answer - chug on woman!

Him:  I told you October was going to suck - you're 2 days early.

Me: No, you told John October was going to suck.  I can do this. I will do this.  Thanks!

Him: haha - you knew this day was coming!  Get through it and own it!

It sucked but I got through it with the help of his words.  He did tell my husband that October was going to suck for him because running, marathon, and training would be all I would be able to talk about.  He failed to tell me it would also suck for me! 

I struggled for most of the run and I can't even say being on the treadmill made the run so terrible.  I need to figure out this nutrition thing.  When I started training for the marathon the first week of July I started running early in the morning.  I think my body has adjusted to running at 5am so a run at 8pm was difficult.  I could not sleep once I was done.  It was at least 2am before I fell asleep.  My legs felt better this morning than I expected!

I have 17 next weekend and need to figure something out.  We are heading to Harrisburg for the day on Saturday and John is working on Sunday.  I am going to line up someone for the boys so I can get outside.  I think I need to do the same thing for the last weekend of October.  I am fortunate enough to have family that love my boys! 

My run yesterday put me at 132.1 miles for the month.  This seems absurd for me!!

Three Things Thursday

1.  I ran 16 last night and it was ugly.  More on that later!
2.  We are heading out tomorrow morning for Boston.  I am looking forward to seeing family for the weekend but not looking forward to a 6-7 hour drive with the boys.  It will be the first time for a long car ride like this.  The longest we have done is 2 once or twice but usually only the 90 minutes to the beach.
3.  I started weight watchers a month ago and as of Monday I am done 6.2 pounds.  It is coming off slowly!  I am hoping for a good week!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 down, 2 to go!

Just finished my interval run for the week.  It was 1 mile followed by 200/400/800/400/200 with 400 recovery in between each and then 1 more mile.  It was a good run.  I am now sitting with L on the couch and he told me I smelled.  This kid is 2!!  He is right though. 

I am feeling good about the week, better than yesterday.  I have two runs done and will feel great this time tomorrow morning.  I know I will be good as long as I get up tomorrow morning and get my 6 miles in.  I can do this and I will!

Monday, September 27, 2010

8 Weeks Left

It is a rainy miserable Monday morning.  We had a rough weekend with J so Monday morning was warmly welcomed by myself!  We were supposed to head to the beach for our final weekend of the season and that did not happen.  It was ok because I got a bunch of stuff done that I have not been able to do.  Saturday morning I got a much needed oil change, got the remote for my van fixed, got to one of my local running stores for a copy of a receipt, and did mountains of laundry.

This is a tough week for me.  My total weekly mileage will be 33.5 with my long run being 16.  My runs are 6, 4 1/2 (intervals), 7, and 16.  Not bad but we leave for Boston Friday morning and I know I won't be able to run while we are there.  I have two options...

1.  Run this morning (7 mile run done!!), Tuesday AM, Wednesday AM, and Thursday PM (long run). 
2.  Run this morning, Tuesday AM, Wednesday PM (Long run), Friday AM.

I am still on the fence.  There are pros and cons of both.  I am going to try for option 1 and switch to option 2 if I have a hard time getting out of bed Wednesday morning.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  In 6 weeks John and I will be in New Orleans celebrating our 5th anniversary a month early.  Our actual anniversary is December 3rd but it is such a tough month.  J's birthday is the 4th so we did not want to plan time away then.  The boys are so young and we always have so much planned around the holidays so we figured a month early would be best.  We leave early Wednesday morning and come home Saturday night.  I am starting to print out restaurant menus, tour ideas, and other things to do!  I cannot wait to go home tonight and start digging through stuff with John.

2.  We are heading to the shore tomorrow evening after work.  It will be our last weekend down for the season.  Kinda bummed about that!  The rides and stores on the boardwalk close October 10th and this is the last weekend we can get down.  It was a great season though!

3.  My dad gave me his Kindle yesterday because he upgraded to an Ipad!  I love when he gives us his hand me downs.  I bought one book and a few free books already.  I took it with me to J's karate class last night and I was not sure how I would like it.  I am hooked!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When a run does not make sense

I did my long run for the week today.  It was only 13 miles since this is a stepback week for me.  My long run last week was 14 and I felt great.  I don't remember what my pace was but I was happy with it.  I know why I struggled through the run today.  I was tired.  I barely slept last night.  J has had a rough couple of days with his allergies and last night was terrible, resulting in a sleepness night for mama!  I took the day off today but still shipped the kids out this morning.  My mom watches the boys while I work so she took L this morning and I dropped J off at school.  I went home to sleep but it was not happening so I figured I would run.  I struggled through the entire 13 miles and almost quit several times.

I logged my run and my pace was about 25 seconds per mile faster than my pace for last week's run.  That does not make sense to me.  I also ran the last half of the 13 about a minute faster.  Again, that does not make sense to me. 

Who knows!!  I am just happy to have my long run out of the way for the week!  We are heading to the beach for the last weekend of the season.  I don't have to worry about fitting 13 miles in down there!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good news and man, I feel old!

The stitches are gone!!  I cannot wait to get back out on my bike, back in the pool, and start doing some strength training again.  The stitches prevented me from doing all three.

John and I went to dinner tonight without the boys.  We don't do it often so it is nice when we can.  Because it is a Friday night, I asked our babysitter to watch the boys.  Any family members that help us out with them work during the week and I don't like to ask for a Friday night.  Nothing makes me feel as old as driving the babysitter home!!

I have 14 miles in the morning.  Gotta go to bed soon. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Tomorrow is Friday and that means I finally get these awful stitches out of my hand!  I just took the bandaid off to check out the wound because we were not sure if the stitches were ready to come out.  Well...they definitely are!  I am making the doctor's job easier too because one fell out on its own!

2.  I can't wait to adjust my training schedule and fit in some swimming, biking, and lifting.  I am going to dissect my marathon plan tonight and plan out the next 9 1/2 weeks.

3.  Holy crap!!  The marathon is 9 1/2 weeks away!  I still cannot believe I am training for a marathon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Product and customer service rave!

I recently contacted three companies about running socks.  I never had problems with socks until I started wearing orthotics.  I was constantly getting blisters where the arch of my foot should be.  I will not mention the name of all three companies.  I emailed them, explaining my issues, and asking if they could recommend a sock of theirs for me to try out.  Let me add a disclaimer here.  This is the first time I have ever done this and I expected nothing except a response.  One company never bothered to respond.  The second company shot me a very short email stating to purchase a few different socks they make and hope one worked for me.  They gave me no recommendations.  And then the third company...Thorlos!  A lovely woman named Susan responded and asked me all kinds of questions.  She asked me my shoe size, what shoe I am wearing, what my runs are, what I am training for, and loads of other questions.  We emailed back and forth a few times before she told me she was going to send me 2 pairs of socks to try out.   I gave her my address and within 3 days I had 2 pairs of socks in my mailbox!  She sent me a thick and a moderate cushioning.  I was amazed at the customer service!

I have since worn both pairs on my runs and it is a win win situation!!  Both pairs work for different runs.  The thick pair for my long runs and the moderate pair for all others.  I am ready to put in an order and will be a customer for as long as I am running!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He is so grown up!!

J started preschool this morning!  I look at him every day and I ask where my little boy went.  I cannot believe he is going to be 4 in December.  I have not been emotional with any birthdays or milestones yet.  Four years old might do me in though!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

How training is like a pregnancy!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I started the weekly countdown around 25 weeks.  Every Thursday morning I would wake up and say "Only 15 weeks left til my due date."  This continued on until my due date came and sadly passed.  Every night after that my husband asked me what I was doing the next day since I was already on leave.  My answer was "Since I did not have a baby today, I want to have a baby tomorrow."  My second son was a scheduled c section since the first had to be forced out!  Once it was scheduled, every Monday morning I said "10 weeks until this pregnancy is over and we have this kid!"  Little did we know what was in store for us but that is another post! 

Every Sunday morning since I started training in July, the first thing I think is "____ more weeks until my first marathon!"  And then Sunday night I say "In ___ weeks I will be able to call myself a marathon runner!"  I don't even say it out loud anymore because my husband rolls his eyes at predictability of it now! 

Yesterday I out loud to myself "10 more weeks until my first marathon!"  And then I thought "Oh crap, 10 more weeks until my first marathon!"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week in review, a first, and some pics!

Despite my hand injury, I had a great running week!  My total mileage for the week is 28.69, my highest yet.  I took Monday off from running and stuck with a core workout.  Tuesday was a 5.15 interval run, Wednesday a 4.52 miles, Thursday another core workout, Friday 6 mile base run, and this morning was a 13 mile long run.  Because of family schedules, I was stuck on the treadmill for my long run.  13 miles was not bad considering I watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls!  I almost cut my run short at 8 miles because the sweat was burning the cut on my hand.  John told me to suck it up and finish it so I did.  Thanks honey!!

I took my first ice bath after my long run this morning.  The tub was a little crowded with the boys' toys but I was too lazy to clean them out.  It was not as bad as I expected it to be!

I was bummed as we went outside through the garage this morning.  My bike looks a little lonely hanging there on the wall.  This would be why I can't bike...

The wound or "bug" as L calls it is just at a bad spot for riding!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Life is not fair!!  I hardly ever say this!  John has a viewing to go to tonight.  This will be the second time in 5 years we/he has to tell a friend "I am so sorry for the loss of your son."  Really?!?!  How is it fair that 5 years ago next week good friends had a son at 24 weeks for him to live 9 days.  His funeral was hands down the hardest day of my life.  And now, John has to say the same thing to old college friends tonight.  Their 7 year old son collapsed on the school playground and they have no idea what happened.  I just don't get it!!

2.  J has his preschool orientation this morning.  How is he going to school and turning 4 in a few months!  He was snuggling with me last night and he is just all boy!  There is absolutely no toddler left in this child.

3.  I cannot believe how busy our fall is shaping up to be.  Our fall is busier than our summer was.  I am thrilled for that because we spent a lot of time at the shore.  This weekend we have my tri club end of the season party, next weekend is a birthday party, the following weekend back to the beach, then a weekend in Boston for a brain cancer walk, then my Grandmom's 80th birthday, then our niece's 4th birthday, and then finally a free weekend!  Phew!  I am tired thinking about all of that!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My way of starting week 10

Six stitches in my right hand and a tetanus shot!  I was opening a can of black beans to make soup and I sliced my finger/hand.  John had just gone out to the garage and I yelled loud enough that he had no problems hearing me.  We knew right away it was an ER worthy cut!  Of course the night I have to go to the hospital, is the night that absolutely no one is around...his parents, my parents, my sister, his brother and family, both of our neighbors that we are close with, and my aunt!  He ended up wrapping it pretty tightly and sent me on my way.  Thankfully we live within 5 minutes of the hospital so driving myself was not that big of a deal.  I texted him and a few friends during my 3 hour ER visit.  My favorite text to a fellow runner was

"If I get stitches in my hand tonight, can I still run in the morning!"

Running was the second thing I thought of.  Swimming with the kids today was the first thing!  Luckily I had not mentioned taking them swimming before slicing my finger.  I decided to sleep in this morning but I will run tomorrow. 

The bad part of this injury is where I did it.  I cut it right at the base of my index finger so it is killing me every time I move it!  I also have to wrap my hand because a bandaid won't stay on it.  The nurse wrapped me up like I hurt my whole hand and wrist.

Yesterday marked 11 weeks til my first marathon. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long Run and Hurricane Earl!

I kept changing my running plans for the week since we are at the shore for a long weekend.  We worked it out for me to do my long run one of the days we are down here.  We knew the weather would be questionable to do anything outside today because of Hurricane Earl coming up the East Coast.  It was at least 200 mile off shore but we have been in a Tropical Storm Watch since yesterday morning.  We woke up today and John told me to check the weather and then head out for a run. 

I want to put it on the record that it was HIS idea for me to run my 12 miles today and not Saturday or Sunday.  Of course I went along with this crazy idea.  I was game because it did not give me a chance to think and over analyze my longest run to date!  So I got dressed, put my sneaks on, and headed out the door.  I brought 16 ounces of 1/2 strength Cytomax, 2 Espresso GUs, and $5 for water.

Before I left the house, I told John I was just going to stay on the boardwalk and be somewhat close to home in case the weather took a turn for the worse.  The boardwalk is 1.85 miles long and I could not imagine running that 7 times so that thought went out of my mind.  I just ran and enjoyed myself.  The wind was pretty bad at times and I saw some crazy rough waves.  I hit mile 9 and I was close to our street but I was not even tempted to head home at that point.  The boardwalk in Wildwood has 5 piers.  One pier houses the convention center and the rest are rides, water parks, and attractions.  I got to the convention center pier which is 5 blocks from our street and felt like I hit a wall.  The wind was so bad so I hung a right and ran the length of the pier.  I ended up running up and down that pier for 2 miles but it was better than running straight into the wall of wind.  The building was blocking most of the wind.  I hit mile 11, decided to head home and call it a day. 

My plan called for 12 miles this week and I made it to 11.55.  I am thrilled with this!  This is the farthest I have run to date.  I have done 10 several times in training and twice for races.  Two weeks ago I was supposed to do 11 for my long run and family life got in the way.  I think one of the boys was sick so that ruined my run.  I got the miles in but not the full long run.  It is also the furthest I have run outside.  Most of my long runs will be a combination of outside and on the treadmill.  My average speed was super slow but I am not going to worry about it.  I know a lot of it was the weather. 

I am ready for my rest day tomorrow if you can count a few miles walking on the boardwalk with the kids!

Bring on 13!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Checkout this giveaway!

I hope I am doing this right!  First time for me.  I hated the fuel belt I tried out this morning.  I may have to check these out!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I am really enjoying my early morning runs.  Sure, I don't like going to bed at 9 so I wake up at 4:15 when my alarm goes off but the pros are outweighing the cons!  I especially like taking a shower without a 2 year old standing there holding the shower curtain open.  I really like drinking my coffee without the same 2 year old trying to steal it away from me!

2.  I am counting down the hours until we load up the car and head to the shore for the weekend.  We should be there already but my husband decided he needed to work today.  Oh and we are also dealing with Hurricane Earl and it is supposed to rain all day long tomorrow.  Fun times being stuck in the house with a 2 and 3 year old!  I am hitting up Barnes and Noble this morning for some new sticker books and other goodies.  Earl is the main reason my husband wants to head down still!!

3.  I am annoyed because the ANT thingy for my Garmin Forerunner is broken.  I am going to bring it with me this weekend and hope I can upload my run but I am not hopeful.  I went to take the cap off of it last night and the whole thing pulled out of the casing.  I called the company and the wait time was over an hour to talk to someone.  The recommended time to call is in the morning.  Sure, that works for me!  I am either with my two monsters or busy at work.  I sent an email instead.  I got a response saying they will respond in 3 business days, which is Tuesday.  We will see!  I have heard fabulous things about their customer service.  I hope that is the case.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Long Run Woes!

As a mom of two young boys, I always have to be flexible.  It has take some time to adjust to this but I try not to let it bother me too much anymore.  This time I believe it will work in my favor.  I had originally planned my long run for this evening after L went to bed.  That is not going to work out now.  My lovely husband had a colonoscopy today and is just a little off.  I feel bad leaving him to deal with getting J to bed by himself so I will put my long run off until the weekend.  I did not want to take 2 plus hours out of our long weekend at the beach for that run but now I will.  It will be a glorious 12 miles along the Jersey shore on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  I am hoping for Friday morning! 

So for the rest of my week...core workout tonight once I get L to bed.  Tomorrow calls for a 7 mile run and Thursday will be 5-6.  For once, the need to be flexible may just work in mama's favor!  Of course now I have a few more days to think about that 12 mile run!

Getting ready for 12!

Every long run from here on out seems very daunting since I have not run this far yet!  I am doing my long run tonight so I don't have to take the time away from the beach this weekend.  I had to take the day off to take my husband for a minor procedure but we have the boys until we leave.  I won't be able to run until this evening.  The timing is not the greatest because I will be thinking about all 12 miles all day long!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday morning ramblings

This was not a great running week for me.  Luckily it was a rest week on my plan and it only called for 19-20 miles.  I came in short at a little more than 17 miles.  I skipped a run on Friday because my Achilles was acting up.  My plan calls for 28-30 miles this coming week.  I figured it was smarter to come up short on a rest week and give my Achilles a chance to heal so I can be right back at it for this week.  I do have to admit I am a little nervous about the upcoming week.  I think I have a 7 mile interval run, a 12 mile long run, and I am not sure about the other 2 runs.  I plan on doing the 7 on Monday and the 12 on Tuesday.  We will be heading back to the beach Wednesday evening so I will get the other 2 runs in down here.  It won't be a problem getting the runs in but I will have to deal with the heat and humidity. 

I am trying to get a few races in between now and the marathon in November.  I may do a 7 mile run next Sunday.  It really all depends on the weather.  I can register the morning of the race so it will be a last minute decision.  If it is crazy hot and humid, I will be skipping the race.  I am checking out a few sprint triathlons too but not sure what will fit into the family schedule.  I would really like to do another one this year on my new bike.  I was checking out the Philly Rock and Roll Half marathon next month but I can't justify spending over $100 right now for one race.  There is a low key 10 mile run in October I would like to do but again it depends on family.  The run usually starts at noon and I believe my niece's birthday party will be that day. 

We are having a nice lazy morning at the shore house right now.  I am not sure what time we are heading home but we normally do not stick around on Sundays.  I am ready to head home and get out on my new bike!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My high maintenance kid!

L looks like a little angel as I type this.  We are at the shore and he always gives us a hard time when it comes to his nap.  I layed down with him on the bed and he is now sound asleep.  Looks are very deceiving!  I love him, I really do!  This kid has been a problem since June 30, 2008, the day he was born!  The money I have spent on this child is incredible.  Sure, all kids are expensive, but this kid takes the prize.  The money we have spent on doctor visists, medicine, and the formula is just absurd.  The money we spent on formula alone could have sent him to college for a year.  Ok...slight exaggeration but not by much.

As an infant, we dealt with severe reflux issues.  We played the formula guessing game until we found one that kind of worked.  We were able to wean him off his medicine around 18 months old but that is really just because he refused milk.  We are now taking the steps to find out of we are dealing with a milk allergy.  We eliminated anything where cow's milk is the main ingredient a few weeks ago.  He now gets almond or soy milk, coconut ice cream (YUM!!!) and we have had many temper tantrums when his big brother has yogurt.  I took him to a pediatric allergest yesterday where he was tested for a milk and soy allergy with a skin prick test.  Both, thankfully, came back negative but the doctor is not sold on it not being an allergy.  He told us to elminate all dairy from his diet and take him for a blood test.  Apparently a blood test is much more reliable than the skin prick test when it comes to food allergies.  Who knew! 

I never realized how much stuff dairy is in!  This is going to be extremely difficult.  We have definitely seen huge changes by eliminating what we have already.  We may just continue what we are doing until we do the blood test and get the results.  If it is an allergy, we would then move forward with eliminating more.  If it not an allergy, the allergist said it could be some kind of enzyme issue. 

It is so difficult looking at my little L sleeping so peacefully and also know that what he is eating could be tearing up his little belly!  I just want to protect him.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I am taking L to a pediatric allergist tomorrow morning regarding a possible milk allergy.  We have issues with him since he was 5 weeks old and I am looking forward to getting some answers.  I hate knowing that L is eating and drinking stuff that is making him sick.  I am anxious to know if we are dealing with an allergy or an intolerance.  Either way, we know it is making him sick. 

2.  Summer is winding down and it makes me happy and sad!  I am looking forward to cooler days, some nice long runs outside, and fall!  I am going to miss our weekends at the shore and runs on the boardwalk.  We will be down the beach this weekend and next weekend.  September is already booking up but I hope to get down one weekend!  The rides and stuff on the boardwalk close up October 3rd.  As of right now, I think we might get one weekend in between Labor Day and the last weekend of the season.  That makes me sad but we have had a great season down there this year!  Summer winding down also means J starts preschool.  I can't believe he is old enough to go to school.

3.  I am trying cut back on my daily coffee intake.  The coffee is not the problem.  My problem is the yummy flavored creamers!  I have such a headache right now.  I keep telling myself it will be worth it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to focus on me

I have been writing this post in my head for a week and just can't come up with the right words.  I am trying to chose my words wisely. 

I am finally at peace with some issues in my personal life.  I had this quote on my facebook status a week ago "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." (Victor Frankl).  It has taken me awhile to accept this and I think I finally have! 

I have spent most of the past year focusing on things that are beyond my control and stopped focusing on myself.  Sure, I have continued to run and take time for me but I have not been able to make changes that I have been trying to make. 

I really feel as though I have finally come to terms with the way things have become.  I hope this is the turning point for the changes I want to make in myself. 

She is so pretty!

Ten days ago I talked to the owner of my local bike shop about a new road bike.  It took me another week to get back over to the shop to test drive a bike.  Of course it was raining the day I was able to stop by the store without my boys.  They put the bike on the trainer for me and fitted it at least and it was a perfect fit!  I knew it would be another week until I could get back to the store unless I ran over at lunchtime.  I tested the bike today at lunch and she is in the back of my van as I type this!  I knew I was going to buy it but I did not think I would leave the store today with it!  I cannot wait to get some miles in and of course it is supposed to rain all evening.  I don't expect to be able to ride until Sunday but I am excited to get out on the road!

Now I have to check out the local triathlons between now and the end of the season!  I am dying to do another one on my road bike.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I biked with my tri club for the first time this morning and I was DFL.  If you are not up on the terms, DFL means dead f___ last, DNF is did not finish and DNS is did not start.  I did the 15+ mile ride on my hybrid when the rest of the girls have road bikes.  There was one other newbie who was on a mountain bike so at least I was DFL with her!! I am still hoping to get to the bike shop this weekend to test out some bikes and get one ordered.  I don't think I will be riding with the girls again until I am on my roadie! 

I am mentally getting ready for my 11 mile run tomorrow.  The furthest I have done yet is 10.  I keep telling myself it is just one more mile.  I will do about 25 miles this week.  Next week is a rest week and I will be down to about 19.  After next week I will continue to increase my miles running more in a week than I have ever run.  I am excited and nervous about this.  Today is a day of many doubts!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some thoughts on this rainy Wednesday

This week's question for the Distance Dreamers is "Do you run with other people - who, where, when and why (or why not)?"

I have not run with other people yet.  I am going to start biking Saturday mornings with my tri club after Labor Day.  I do not think I will ever run with anyone but I may change my mind.  I have incredibly flat feet.  I was fitted by a friend for orthotics back in January and he laughed when he looked at the mold.  He told me that I may just have the worst feet he has ever seen!  Because of my flat feet, I tend to have issues with my Achilles.  My fear of running with other people is that I would run faster or farther than planned and have another flare up with my Achilles.  I hope that someday that may change and I can run with some of the women in my tri club.

It is pretty miserable here this morning.  My alarm went off at 4:30 and I heard the rain pelting the windows and roof.  Even though John was already gone for work and my run was on the treadmill, it was a nice morning to sleep a little later.  No big deal!  Or so I thought!  My little Ironman and Superman (I may have to start referring to them like this now!) got on my last nerve this morning.  I strongly believe I had no patience for them because I did not run this morning.  I started to run 2 years ago because my trainer told me to.  I continued to run because it was the one thing that really helped my post partum depression (PPD).  Superman is now 2 years old so I guess I can't call it PPD anymore but I still issues now and then.  I also have a hard time taking a true rest day because I know it affects my mood.  Running and some kind of exercise makes me a much happier mama!

And I thought I would add a few pics of my boys to brighten my rainy day!