Monday, March 21, 2011

Taper week

I am running a ten mile race in 6 days so I guess this is a taper week for me.  My coach is decreased the time and intensity of my runs this week.  My schedule for the week goes like this:

Today - rest of a 30 minute easy spin.  I am going to take the rest day.  My legs are beat from the 11.3 miles yesterday.
Tuesday - 40 minute run with intervals
Wednesday - rest or spin.  I am planning on an easy ride.
Thursday - 35 minute tempo run
Friday - 30 minute recovery run
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 10 mile race with an easy 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.

I went crazy on my taper for the marathon but that was a huge decrease in miles and over two weeks.  I hope this week is better for me!

This is the third year I am running this race and the first with a time goal.  I have yet to set that time goal but I have some thoughts on it. 

I am loving this running coach thing.  I love knowing that someone else is working out the pace, crunching numbers, and all that fun stuff for me!  I do enough number crunching at work.