Sunday, February 27, 2011

First race of the year and I hired a coach!

One race down, 11 more to go for the year to meet the challenge of Run for the bling of it.  I ran a 5k this morning and was more than pleased with my performance.  I have said before that I don't enjoy running 5ks because I am not a fast runner.  I have not ran a stand alone 5k since June and I shaved 3 minutes off my 5k time!  I uploaded the run this evening and realized I finally achieved negative splits for the first time in a race!

My finish time according to my Garmin was 28:47.76 but my official time was 28:51.  Either way, I was very happy.  My splits were 9:34, 9:33, and 9:18.  I just barely did a negative split for mile 2 but it was by a second! 

It was a fun morning and I am glad I did the race.  It was geared towards high schoolers but open to the community.  There was no mistaking the high school students because quite a few of the girls had full make up on!  We figured we would get creamed by a bunch of kids and I did.  At the same time, I ran past quite a few kids huffing and puffing as they walked or ran.  I had to laugh at the two boys who complained that they are not long distance runners. 

I decided last week to contact a local coaching company.  I know I will never BQ but it is not stopping me from trying to get faster and stronger.  I feel like I am not getting anywhere on my own and decided to check out the coaching company.  I was going to start working with a personal trainer again and went for the coach instead.  The coach decided to run the 5k this morning and we met up before the race.  I really like her and I am excited to start working with her. 

My next race is 4 weeks from today and will be the third year in a row I am running this 10 mile race.  Can't wait!!

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